Valerie Ross







Hi, my name is Valerie Ross. I am a mother of three and an English tutor residing in Ramat Hasharon. It was through my son's "shirut leumi" (national service) at Kfar Ofarim that I became aware of this special community.

From the first time I stepped foot in Kfar Ofarim I felt the need to spend time there and learn more about the community. I decided to become a volunteer and it opened a new world to me. I met the Kfar's amazing and passionate staff who are devoted to giving the friends a better quality of life by engaging them in daily activities such as art, music, games and tasks.
Kfar Ofarim could not continue to exist without the exceptional staff and volunteers. Volunteering has enriched my life in so many ways and I strongly believe that it will have a positive effect on yours as well.

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